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3 Things Builders Consider Before A House Extension

3 Things Builders Consider Before A House Extension

Builders Must Plan and Budget

Getting your dream home extension requires one to plan and budget so that your investment and dream don’t go down the drain. For incredible results, you need to involve the right builder in East London who will walk with you from the planning to completion and help you avoid skipping any necessary steps required before home extension. For a good design, you will have detailed plans that show all elements that the builder will need to work with. It is essential to get good draw plans so that the project stays in course.

The cost of the extension project is a very pertinent question to ask yourself when thinking of doing a home extension. Several things will affect the price, including labour, materials, and the type of extension you want. Always share your budget and extension plans, and they will advise on the total cost. A builder in East London, such as from Spenwell General Builders, will advise you on the best and durable materials to use and last longer hence not needing a replacement soon. It is recommended to get several quotes from different reputable builders in East London, then compare and choose according to your budget. When home extension starts, it may uncover existing underlying problems that need to be taken care of before any planned extension continues. Therefore, it is crucial to factor in contingency funds between 10-20% of the total budget to cover any unexpected costs in your budget.

However, it would be best to create a balance between achieving high standard finishes and the total cost. Always remember that cheap is not always the best.

Builders Must Follow Planning Permission and Building Regulations

3 Things Builders Consider Before A House Extension

Not all home extensions require planning permission, so your builder in East London will guide you on where you need to apply for your project. Permitted development rights allow you to do home extension without using for planning permission.

Planning permission may not be necessary before any extension works start. Still, building regulations must comply with and are consistently enforced to adhere to the home extension rules. Builders in East London such as from Spenwell General Builders will help you liaise with the local building control officers who will certify your work. You risk being told to take down your extension or have trouble selling your home if you don’t have the building regulation certificates.

Builders Need Public Liability Insurance

Having appropriate insurance in place while doing home extension is a necessity because something at some point may go wrong. Public liability insurance covers both new homes, extensions or renovations and the contractors you will be working with.

The insurance cover is divided into two:

  • public liability, which protects you as the builder for third party injury and property damages, including the neighbours
  • material damage which protects the builder from losses caused by theft, vandalism, flood, fire, cyclone, water and wind damage.

The insurance policy you take covers the costs of any suit that is brought against you in case of any eventualities. Suppose you have a standard home insurance policy for your home. In that case, it is essential to check with your insurance provider if it also covers the extension you are doing and the subcontractors. Some builders in East London may have insurance; however, before they start any works, check their policy and establish if it is current and sufficiently covers any occurrence.

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