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Guide To Renovating Your House

A Step By Step Guide To Renovating Your House l Spenwell General Builders Essex

Let me guess, you are completely clueless about the process of a house renovation yet you desire to spruce up your old home to the modern-day standard? You have come to the right place. This step by step guide is provided by expert builders in Essex who walk you through home refurbishment in the simplest way possible.

If you’re interested, lets unearth what goes into tweaking an outdated building.

Choose a project

The idea here is to assess a buildings’ specifics before actually making any renovation decisions. Whether its loft conversion or getting a new kitchen or bathroom in your Romford home, it is ideal to get an experts’ opinion on the structure or state of the building. Get talking with experienced builders and get non biased ideas. Decide on whether it is the landscaping you want to improve or perhaps the garage conversion you want to do. This is the crucial step you don’t want to miss!

Find out about costs of a house renovation

Additionally, getting rough estimates makes managing the project much easier. It also helps when securing funding if need arises. A well written report of exactly how to allocate the funds is also vital in promoting accountability. I’m pretty sure you want a deficit in cash to be spent to be the least of your problems!

Request for planning permission

Essentially you want to be on the right side of the law when you decide to either revamp your roof or make house extensions. Submitting your desired plans and consequently getting them approved by the local authority forms the basis of home renovation. With this part done and dusted, you might as well start planning for a house warming!


Practically, this is much reliant on the natural state of the space to be modernized. If the plan involves demarcating the entire structure it is practically feasible to be done before anything, followed by structural developments and other exterior changes like painting. This is where you are in complete control and you can remodel according whatever aligns with your desires.

Interior and décor

Whether you are into the minimalistic approach of interior design and décor, or you simply want to just throw around ideas and you couldn’t care less whether your furniture integrates with your paint walls, this step is all about creativity. It is literally where you turn your house into a home and make it cosy. Ideally, getting an interior designer to zhuzh up the place is the best option but if you budget is tight there are thousands of places to look for ideas from.

Updating systems

Living in a fast-paced world means that absolutely nothing is immune to change. Radical changes have been brought about by technological advancements in all aspects of the home. Basics like heating systems and electrical wiring and plumbing, and intercoms have progressed in ways beyond imagination. Unlike the traditional systems, just a flip of a switch can bring central heating to a house, or an automated response can open the door to your home. Whether you want to ultimately keep up with technology within your home is your choice, at a cost obviously!

Bringing life to your dream home!

And voila! The home you’ve envisioned for so long has come to life in small but equally substantial steps. Finally that house warming can take place!

If you are interested in refurbishing your home but you have no slightest clue on where to start or what to do, Spenwell General Builders in Essex and East London, will take care of your house renovation. From the smallest changes like boiler installation to the more complex building services like completely renovating your home, you can absolutely count on us. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook or get in touch with us at spenwell@hotmail.com or 07581181235 for all your questions or queries.