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Amazing House Refurbishment Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Amazing House Refurbishment Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Shelving Those Big Projects For A Later Stage

Choosing to refurbish is a great way to save on costs since you’re open to making multiple minor changes to your available space instead of a complete teardown and revamp. If you’re in desperate need of a change in your home but cannot afford a total revamp at this time, refurbishments might be the safer choice. Complete renovations can always be done at a later stage once you’ve saved up. Spenwell General Builders has the perfect team of East London builders for any of your house refurbishment needs. Making minor changes is guaranteed to give the chosen area a fresh look and new atmosphere. One suggested change you could make is to install more shelving. Not only will this option have a beautiful visual effect, but it will also be practical since it creates more storage areas. Shelves can be arranged in various patterns and used to display thoughtful pieces. The team of East London builders over at Spenwell General Builders would gladly work with you on the design, creation, and installation of your chosen shelves. An expert tip to make any given space seem bigger, without actually extending the room, would be to use those shelves to display a mirror. Mirrors are great for opening the area and giving the illusion of having more space. 

Light Up The Place

Amazing House Refurbishment Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

You’d be illuminated to find out how much difference changing indoor lighting can make. Spenwell’s team of East London builders are expertly skilled at electric work and will happily assist you to make those changes. The installation of new light fixtures will bring a different ambiance to your space. Your options for lighting are unlimited. You’re free to choose from options like; recessed fixtures that are completely contained inside your ceilings. These fixtures can even be installed on walls and floors. Accent lighting is a great option if you’re looking to highlight certain features in your home. If there’s one specific painting you’re proud of on your walls or you’d like to add some lighting above your couch, accent lighting would be perfect. You could even look into adding lighting on your staircase. You have many options at your disposal.

Of course, lighting is not only limited to the electrical kind. The installation of skylights is also a great option. If you have an attic room, this option would be a perfect choice. Skylights will completely transform the space as they will let in much more natural light, making it a perfect space for a reading nook.  

Paint The Town Red- Or Your Walls. 

A great way to completely transform your current space is to paint the walls. Spenwell’s East London builders would be perfect for the job. Adding a new colour to the space will completely transform it. As with the lighting we previously mentioned, you have plenty of options in this department. One way to reimagine your space would be to paint one wall a contrasting colour to the others. This will give the space an amazing chic finish. You could even opt to add some simple designs to your walls. The designs can have any theme of your choice and can even be changed over time. Having a mural painted is a great addition to the bedroom. Depending on your choice of a mural, the room will be given a completely new look. Spenwell General Builders are professionals with years of experience that they can put to work on your house refurbishment projects. Make the smart choice and choose trained professionals to handle all your building needs. If you’re looking for the best East London builders, contact Spenwell General Builders today. Spenwell offers a free initial assessment with a no-obligation policy.