April 26 2021 0Comment
Wall Panels Or Tiles For Bathrooms?

Wall Panels Or Tiles For Bathrooms?

Where Do You Start? When it comes to designing or refurbishing your bathroom, the question of whether you should opt for wall panels or tiles will in all likelihood come up. Luckily, at Spenwell General Builders, we have been through this question with many clients in our 35+ years of general building experience. In this […]

April 23 2021 0Comment
Kitchen Refurbishments

Kitchen Refurbishments As Part of A Home Revamp

Have You Been Dreaming of The Perfect Kitchen? As an existing or new homeowner, you have probably realised just how true the following statement is; the kitchen is the heart of any home. This space is the centre of the home, used to gather and lovingly prepare meals for your family. Since we unwittingly spend […]

April 14 2021 0Comment
decking treatment

Best Decking Treatment – Oil, Stain or Paint?

The Various Deck Treatment Options Is your deck in need of reviving? Perhaps you are thinking about, or in the process of building a new deck? You will need to consider all of your options when the time comes to treat your decking. At Spenwell General Builders, as leading landscapers, we are often asked;  what […]

March 29 2021 0Comment
tiles for bathroom renovations

Porcelain Tiles or Ceramic Tiles for Bathrooms?

The Best Suited Tiles For Your Bathroom Are you currently planning a bathroom makeover? This is a very exciting time in any home owner’s life, given the limitless possibilities available. Now is your time to finally create the bathroom of your dreams! However, there are many different aspects for you to take into consideration. Arguably, […]

December 02 2020 0Comment
Property Refurbishments

The Rising Popularity of Property Refurbishments in East London

Why Property Refurbishments Are a Great Investment If you are looking at a property refurbishment for your home or office, you are undoubtedly asking yourself a host of various questions. Who are the best builders near me? Which design will complement the space the best? Is it really worth the trouble to go through with [...]

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