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Home Extensions vs. Loft Conversions – Which One Should You Go For?

Home Extensions vs. Loft Conversions – Which One Should You Go For?

Home Extensions vs. Loft Conversions – Which One Should You Go For?

If you have decided to extend the space of your home, there are two ways you can go about it: home extension and/or loft conversion. Home extension refers to the physical enlargement of your home while loft conversion involves the transformation of your loft into a functional room that may be used as a bedroom, office space, or storage space, etc.

When choosing between a home extension and loft conversion, there are various factors that you need to take into account such as, the project’s long-term feasibility, the value it adds to your property, its cost and your budget, and more importantly, your requirement of the extra space.

Home Extension

A Home extension project practically allows you to add any sort of room to your home – whether it’s a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, or a utility. The size of your extension will depend upon the space around your property, your budget, and the planning policies of the area.

As an estimate, a single-storey extension will set you back around £1,500 per square metre. For a double-storey extension, add in around £1,100 per square metre for upper floors.

If we talk about the value of the home extension, a large single-storey extension, say, a kitchen could add around 15% to your property. On the other hand, a double-storey extension – for instance, a master suite, could account for an addition of 20%.

However, remember that the extension of your inner space means the reduction of your outer space. Now, you may be willing to sacrifice some of your garden space to accommodate your growing family but what if this extension takes away your parking space as well? That will certainly complicate your everyday life.

When such issues arise, that’s where the alternative of loft conversion comes can be useful.

Loft Conversion

Home Extensions vs. Loft Conversions – Which One Should You Go For?

Speaking of loft conversion, it is a much cheaper and straightforward way of adding some extra space to your home than the construction of a whole new extension. 

In the majority of the residential properties, a loft is a dead space anyway, containing discarded things. Converting it into office space – especially now that work-from-home is more common than it ever was, could be extremely effective for you.

On the other hand, if you wish to convert it into a master suite, it would cost much lesser per square metre than extending while increasing the house value by the same percentage, i.e. 20%. Moreover, it won’t eat away any outdoor space either.

However, the more intricate the loft design, the more expensive will it be. As an estimate, a 40 square metres loft conversion would cost you around £35k.

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