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Refurbish Your Home to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Refurbish Your Home to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Refurbish your home with light in mind

Home refurbishment can be tricky to get right when you are limited to small cramped spaces. One common mistake home-owners make when refurbishing their houses, is making rooms smaller with a wall colour that is too dark or room décor that has too much contrast. By choosing a lighter paint colour, you allow natural light to expand your space. Similarly, strategic patterns can make your room appear larger, wider or longer. For example, using stripes on your walls can trick your mind into believing it is longer. One method of making a room appear larger is to increase the levels of natural light. This can be done by including larger windows! Consider a floor to ceiling window that overlooks an attractive view. Ask Spenwell General Builders to refurbish your home with skylights or windows to improve the lighting in the room. Limiting the contrast in the room in terms of colour scheme, flooring. trimming and furnishings can help give the illusion of a larger room. Design and structure need to work hand in hand in order to use home refurbishment successfully to increase the size of your space without a costly extension. Spenwell General Builders has an expert team that can help you consider these options and determine what can work for your needs. 

Refurbish Your Home to Make the Most of Small Spaces

Height, flooring and expert advice are key to home refurbishment

Having high ceilings is a benefit when it comes to making a room feel bigger. It gives the opportunity for you to build a loft area, as well as opening up the room. However, it is easy to neglect the possibilities that come with high ceilings. Built-in or recessed storage and floating shelves help clear clutter from the floor space and make the room feel more organised and spacious. Having the same flooring throughout connected rooms further helps the illusion that your home is larger than it is. Furthermore, diagonal flooring where the broadest part of the pattern faces you as you walk in the door makes the room appear wider.  If you are open to more drastic measures, consider knocking out walls to open up spaces between rooms. It is essential that you discuss this option at length with professionals such as Spenwell General Builders, to avoid knocking out load-bearing walls accidentally. As with all home refurbishment projects, having help from experienced builders can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Home refurbishment: Start at Spenwell General Builders

House refurbishment in East London and Essex is quickly becoming a solution to making small homes feel more spacious. At Spenwell General Builders we seek to help you get the most out of a home refurbishment. It doesn’t always need to be extremely costly. Discuss your house refurbishment options with an expert at Spenwell General Builders today and be one step closer to improving the value and enjoyment of your home. You can make minor design changes, such as paint colour, or you can opt for a full-scale home renovation that includes major structural changes. Either way, you need general builders near you that you can trust have the technical ability and experience to guide you through the process of refurbishing your house. Spenwell General Builders services areas in East London and Essex and will offer you a no obligation consultation to determine what works best for your space. Having experts in your corner when you renovate your house reduces the risk of common mistakes and shoddy workmanship that makes your space feel more cramped and unsophisticated. If you are in the East London or Essex area, are considering home refurbishment, and looking for “general builders near me”- contact Spenwell General Builders without delay!