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Refurbishment experts

Planning a Kitchen or Bathroom Refurbishment

Taking the First Steps Towards Your Home Refurbishment

Refurbishment experts

Have you finally or even suddenly decided that the time has arrived to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? Then exciting times lay ahead for you! At Spenwell General Builders we know that these are not easy decisions to make, however they are important. Undoubtedly, having any home upgrades done will be aesthetically pleasing and oftentimes more practical. Additionally, there are extended benefits such as increasing the value of your home. 

While the excitement in these cases can be amazing, there are also very serious elements to consider. First and foremost in your decision making will be this; who will take on your project? This is the top of the list because of the major consequences that come with this decision. For example, if an inexperienced general building team undertakes your project, you could easily end up with a disaster on your hands. With Spenwell General Builders’ 35 years of general building experience, you can be sure that this won’t happen to you. We are leading kitchen and bathroom refurbishment experts

Kitchen Refurbishment Experts East London

We all have our own particular image that comes to mind when asked what your dream kitchen looks like. Maybe a farmhouse style kitchen with textured wooden finishes comes to mind for you. Or perhaps the image in your mind is ultra-modern, sleek, and contemporary. Whatever you have in mind, Spenwell General Builders in East London have the perfect design for you. Furthermore, if you need some inspiration or are unsure of which direction to take, we are the right team to speak to. With our 35 years of kitchen refurbishment experience, we will make sure to find the design for you. 

The kitchen refurbishment of your dreams is much closer to being a reality with Spenwell General Builders. This is due to our commitment to provide our clients with competitively priced quotations. As a result of this, we have assisted many clients with planning a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment in and around Essex.

Bathroom Refurbishment Experts Based in Essex

Refurbishment experts

Bathrooms are very intimate spaces within our homes and should ideally be a space that you are able to be comfortable in. Outdated and old bathrooms have the potential to significantly decrease the value of your home. Furthermore, nobody wants to spend much time in a bathroom that feels like it is grimey from old age. So, if it is time to say goodbye to your old bathroom, then we recommend getting in touch with us at Spenwell General Builders. Our extensive bathroom refurbishment experience will ensure that we are able to offer you an incredible bathroom upgrade.

Up and above our excellent workmanship, we highly value our client relationships. You can rest assured that you  won’t be treated as just another customer. We enjoy working side by side with our client to ensure that we are always on the same page. Together we ensure that your dream vision becomes a reality. Spenwell General Builders in East London are the general builders that you can truly trust.

Our Wide Range of General Building Services

If you have recently been wondering who the trusted general builders near you are, then look no further than Spenwell General Builders in East London. We have proudly been servicing the London and Essex areas, including Romford, Dagenham, Chigwell, Woodford, Ilford, Brentwood, and East London for many years. We can help if you are planning a kitchen or bathroom refurbishment. Furthermore, we have you covered for loft expansions and home extensions, roofing and guttering and even electrical work. We can even assist you if you need landscaping or outdoor gardening work done. For any heating repair or installation, Spenwell General Builders is happy to offer our expert services.
We urge you to get in touch with Spenwell General Builders today if you are looking for builders near me and are based in East London. View our full range of building services, and give us a call on 02082522663.