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Are you looking for a Construction Company in East London?

Need a reliable construction company in East London or Essex? We might be just the one that you need! We are Spenwell General Builders, your local construction company that provides all your construction needs in Greater London ad Essex. We have over thirty years of construction experience that will help you achieve that dream home at the best value. Are you interested? You can contact us to get a free quotation with zero-obligation. Give us a call at 07581181235 and 02082522663. You can also email us at

We’re also available to work with you in Chigwell, Stratford, Dagenham,Woodford, Walthamstow, Epping, Hainault, and other areas in Essex and East London!

Here’s the range of construction and building services that you may be interested in.


Your home is the place you go to after a long, stressful day at work, thus it’s quite necessary to maintain your roofs and gutters. A chilly draft and leaky roofs are not things one can delight in. At Spenwell we understand that when it comes to roof and guttering repairs, you want them fast and dependable, so you can get return to your relaxation with as little hassle as possible. We’re equipped in the steps involved in roof and guttering repair, so we’ll be at your side quickly and ensure that the necessary changes are made with care.


Here at Spenwell we have decades of experience in extensions and loft conversions in the Essex and Greater London areas (Romford, Dagenham, Chigwill, Woodford, Ilford, Brentwood, East London). Do you have that one place where you wish things were organized and spacious. Is it the attic? Your garage? What would you do if it were all cleaned up? Maybe you’d use the extra space for your home office, a bedroom or perhaps a toy room for your children? If you’re looking to add a few meters of space to your living room or finally do something with that attic, we’re here to help. We specialise in both one and two story loft conversions and all types of extensions.


We can provide complete house refurbishments in the Greater London and Essex areas. You could happen to be looking for a room renovation or just need repairs on floors and windows, we can help you bring out your desired home improvement! We’ll take care of the technical aspects of renovations, such as plumbing and electrics, and not forget the more aesthetic features. Rest assured, your refurbishment gets the best of both functionality and beauty.


Spenwell General Builders can cater to both customized installations or full renovations for your kitchens and bathrooms. We have the expertise to handle a variety of sizes, styles and design options, be it contemporary and traditional designs. We’ll also provide all tiling, plumbing and pipe work where necessary, so your new kitchen or bathroom is both pleasing to see and use.


We have different options of boilers to suit your specific needs (gas fuel, oil fuel, solid-fuel, electric fuel). Spenwell can provide you full heating installation services in the Greater London and Essex areas. With our adept and reliable service, you can get your heating for maximum efficiency, no longer using an outdated system and wasting any more money.


We offer both a full installation or repair service of your electrics for residential and business properties. Be it an emergency repair or the installation of a new audio system, you can rely on our skills and speedy service.


Spenwell takes pride in our fine attention to detail and aesthetics. While getting all the major building blocks of a project right is important, the finishing touches can make your space stand out and feel right to you. We’re able to help you with all your carpentry, tiling, plastering, flooring, wallpaper or painting needs while keeping an eye to both beauty and practicality.


If it’s the refreshing and calming space that you’re looking for, we can build your outdoors into a garden of your dreams. We’ll assist you with the laying of patios, decking, ponds, pathways, fencing, driveways and turfing for that complete transformation. Depending on your property size and space organization, there is a lot that can be done. We’re more than happy to come to take a look if you’re still in the planning stages or get working if your vision is already set.

We are the construction company in East London and Essex to call for all your building service needs! You can contact us to get a free quotation with zero-obligations. So what’s the worry? Give us a call now at 07581181235 and 02082522663 or send us an email at