heating repair in London

Do you need heating repair in London? Spenwell and his construction company offer a complete service when it comes to installing proper heating for your home or work space, with many years working in Essex and Greater London (Romford, Dagenham, Chigwell, Woodford, Ilford, Brentwood, East London).

It can definitely get very cold in the London winters, and having a properly heated living space or workspace is an essential safety and comfort factor. Are you looking to change your old boiler before it breaks down altogether leaving you without any heating at all? Is your heating system inefficient and contributing to a continual, unnecessary leakage of money? Perhaps you just want to trade in an older, less eco-friendly heating system for one that is more modern and less of an impact on the environment. Whatever your reason for needing heating repair in London, we are here to help and offer you our knowledge and experience in making the right choice for your space, so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new installations without any safety or durability concerns.

We offer a range of possibilities to accommodate your needs,  and we can fit gas fuel, oil fuel, solid fuel, electric fuel boilers amongst other accessories and parts. If you’re unsure about what you need and have doubts or questions about all the options, at Spenwell General Builders we are happy to give you advice and counsel with the understanding we’ve accumulated due to over 25 years of working in the construction field.

If you’re looking to get a more detailed picture of what we can do for your Essex or Greater London home, give us a call and we’ll very gladly come to your office or home to look at the work in more detail and come up with a realistic estimate of the job’s duration and cost. This will give you a chance to make an informed decision about the project, and is completely free, with no obligation of continuing to work with our company.

There are many reasons to rely on Spenwell General Builders, with our many years of experience and community-focused approach. It’s always a reassurance to know that your builders are near you, and interested in giving back to the local community through a personalised and attentive service. If you live in Romford, Dagenham, Chigwell, Woodford, Ilford, Brentwood, or East London, our expertise are just a short phone call away.