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Modern Bathroom Renovations

Modern Bathroom Renovations 2021

Time For A Bathroom Makeover Have you recently been wondering about modern bathroom renovations for 2021? If the time has come for your home to undergo a bathroom transformation, there is much to decide about. And with an endless range of possibilities on the horizon for your bathroom, you certainly have to be sure about […]

tiles for bathroom renovations

Porcelain Tiles or Ceramic Tiles for Bathrooms?

The Best Suited Tiles For Your Bathroom Are you currently planning a bathroom makeover? This is a very exciting time in any home owner’s life, given the limitless possibilities available. Now is your time to finally create the bathroom of your dreams! However, there are many different aspects for you to take into consideration. Arguably, […]

Property Refurbishments

The Rising Popularity of Property Refurbishments in East London

Why Property Refurbishments Are a Great Investment If you are looking at a property refurbishment for your home or office, you are undoubtedly asking yourself a host of various questions. Who are the best builders near me? Which design will complement the space the best? Is it really worth the trouble to go through with [...]
Refurbishment experts

Planning a Kitchen or Bathroom Refurbishment

Taking the First Steps Towards Your Home Refurbishment Have you finally or even suddenly decided that the time has arrived to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? Then exciting times lay ahead for you! At Spenwell General Builders we know that these are not easy decisions to make, however they are important. Undoubtedly, having any home […]

Leading General Builders in East London

Leading General Builders in East London

Finding the Right Builders For Your Project is Crucial If your home or office space is in need of a face lift or even total reconstruction, it is important for you to ensure that you choose the right builders for the job. The construction company that you end up securing for your project will have […]


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