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choosing tile for your bathroom

Things to Consider When Choosing Tile for Your Bathroom

Choosing Tile for Your Bathroom From So Many Options

Choosing tile for your bathroom can sometimes be tricky and needs to fit with your bathroom design and size. Of course you’re aiming for something that looks great, but practicality should really be the first priority. That’s because you’re going to need a space that’s easy to clean with materials that can take plenty of water and steam without being ruined by them. These bathroom needs are what make tile such a popular option for the floors. Still, there’s many different tiles to go for, so how do you make your pick? Here are some factors to consider in your choice.

Think About Tile Size

Tiles come in many different shapes and sizes, and you need to consider this when thinking about tiling your own space. You might think small space-small tiles, but actually smaller bathrooms benefit from the larger tiles, as there will be less grout lines and thus the space will seem bigger. Also, floors with smaller tiles are going to be harder to clean, as the grout lines will create crevices for grime to hide in, so do also consider your lifestyle and cleaning habits when it comes to the tiling.

Limit Variety

If you’re thinking of tiling floors, walls and splashbacks, you need to think about how it will all go together. Having too many different types of tiles that have little in common with each other can really seem overwhelming and jarring to look at. Try to stick to at most 3 tile designs and use them well to create variety but subtlety at the same time.

Go for Neutral Colours

Bathrooms aren’t exactly party rooms. They should give a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. When you get up in the morning and stumble to your sink, you don’t want to be met by bright green tiles on your walls or floors. Stick to neutrals for the walls and floor, which will give a solid foundation for any bright decorative elements you want to add. The key is that they’re elements and not main features.

Consider Texture

Tiles come in a variety of shapes and also textures. Some, like glass tiles, are completely smooth, and others, like marble or granite, have a more grainy feel and a variety of textures within them. Smooth tiles are going to be easier to clean, but textured ones are less likely to be the cause of slips. If you’d like to have a bit of both, smoother tiles should go on walls and textured ones on the floors. When choosing tile for your bathroom it is best to take your time so that you are happy with the end results.

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